yes I am interested. Count me in

Very interested… Let me know what the deal is.

Interested in this when its live

Interested… please let me know as well

it is a great course let’s start a GB!

I’m interested in this too

it is a great course.
let’s get it

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Actually I bought the course, if I can recoup some of it with a gb would be great… @Patriot


hi, i can help, PM me pls.

if this is a GB, pls let me know, thanks.

I don’t think you can pm here lol

@wilku Guess not hahaha
I would be interested in a GB if for the detailed training “E.P.I.C Accelerator Elite”, the Ethical profits is $55 now.

@dminvest, i think they are 2 different programs (maybe the same but a mini version vs the full 8 weeks). Maybe update the title?

I am really interested for the E.P.I.C ACCELERATOR($1997) .
let’s Group Buy it from wilku!I am in!

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The pricing has changed now it’s $2997 & $6997 for the Elite program

RIP :frowning:

Guess this won’t be happening anymore

I’d still love to get this GB happening!

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I haven’t heard back to see if I can start it lol…

i will send all the EPIC ACCELERATOR coaching and bonus calls recordings links to anyone who provides me with the Harbour Club course:

pm me cyrusgreat2014(at)gmail(dot)com

You have the course already??