[GB Organizer] Want to be an Organizer?


As you might have seen, the workload isn’t getting any smaller.

We’re dealing with too many problems and we need to offload as much work as we possibly can while working on raising the bar on how GBs should be done and keeping buyers safety as it has always been.

Are you interested in being a GB Organizer?

What a GB Organizer does?

We’re kinda changing the way we’re doing GBs slowly. We’ll let people organize GBs for products they’re planning to organize GBs for and willing to put the money upfront after they check members interest.

So, Organizers will Buy Products, Collect Payments and Deliver GBs to Participants.

Here is how it will work in a nutshell:

  1. Members interested in organizing a GB will post in a topic Requesting Becoming an Organizer.
  2. Organizer Include and Keeps his post updated with the Following :
  • Product Name
  • Sales Page Link
  • Product Price
  • Estimated Seat Price & Number of Seats
  • Number of Interested Members
  • GB Discussion Topic Link
  1. When Enough members are gathered, the Organizer ask for starting the GB.
  2. We will contact the organizer to share our rules with him.
  3. Once Approved, he will have to buy the course upfront, handle the login details to us, and start collecting the payments from members.
  4. The organizer will prepare and share the materials with us, and we will share it with participants.

If you’re interested in being an organizer, post below.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask in this topic



I call dibs. :laughing:

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Pls clarify point 5. It makes no sense to me, paying a course upfront and only then collecting payments.

If the people aren’t paying the course that they were interested in it should result in IP and user ban.

I don’t think you’d be able to convince me in this way.

I would never become a thread starter, only follower…

How would anyone feel if it’s a tony robbins webinar of 1.000$ or 10.000$? Lol

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interested !
I want to be organizer

I have not understood the ‘process’ fully. But if seniors can guide me for the first few phases - i am ready to contribute what i can for GI. I am interested to be an Organizer.

I am interested. I have organized a successful one before. :slight_smile:

I am interested in this. You still need to find a middle ground between GB organizer buying the product upfront and interested members not paying.

Very much interested.

Interested. I’d be happy to do the Sovereign Man Confidential Updates.

Interested to help, I just don’t know if I’m able to purchase expensive courses beforehand.

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I too loved the forums in the good old days! I am very glad to see Ignace here! I hope that you can find a place for Igance and all of us in the new operation Pat!

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Glad to see you here too, McOctagon!
Thank you for being so nice.

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Very important point. The person should collect the payment from the members interested and then purchase the course from those available funds, not from his own.