[GBs Status] Latest GBs and Their Delivery Status


Please post below if you’re interested in having a recent GB added to the list of GBs in the 2nd post.

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  • Don’t repeat questions or address the same issue again (Unless something useful can be added)
  • Read the first 2 posts before you write any new replies to this topic.
  • Can’t see a recent GB below? Leave a post with the GB name and we’ll add it to the list.

Don’t ask questions if you haven’t learned how GBs work by reading this topic:



GBs List:


  • Mindvalley - Wildfit Quest [Late Members] [Delivered 25th, Oct.]
  • Dr Dispenza - Intensive and Progressive Workshop [Delivered 25th, Oct.]
  • SEO Intelligence Agency - Basic On Page Optimization 2019 [1st of November]
  • Frank Kern - Inner Circle Mastermind [Delivered to Inner Circle and Brand Class GBs participants]
  • Brendon Burchard - High Performance Mentoring - 1 year + HPX Membership - 1 Year
  • Dr Dispenza - Intensive and Progressive Workshop
  • Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Membership [Late Participants]
  • Mindvalley - Wildfit Quest [Late Participants]
  • SEO Intelligence Agency - Basic On Page Optimization 2019
  • Jeff Walker & Don Crowther - Webinar Funnel Formula
  • Techseries.dev - Tech Interview Pro
  • Helium 10 Elite Training - Ongoing Monthly GB
  • SEO Intelligence Agency - Monthly Reports - [Up to October, 2019]

To Be Updated:

  • Sam Ovens - UpLevel Consulting
  • Sovereign Man Confidential Membership [Monthly] - [June Delivered via Email]
  • Dan Kennedy - Diamond Deluxe Membership
  • Jon Loomer - Elite Membership


I Already have paid for Design Sprint Masterclass with Jake Knapp (Google Venture) can you send met the access to the course?


The GB is on the list. It’s not forgotten.

Please allow us time to deliver it .


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Asked previously but never answered. Are you going to deliver Fran Kern - Inner Circle updates 2019 - that’s great!. Or not -I will get elsewhere and have to write off my $55.

Please give an answer.

I’ve added it to the list.

I’ve answered multiple times but you love to spam the hell out of the forum with your posts.

If you have something to say that you haven’t already, open a new topic and don’t spam this topic.

This is a warning.


Hi Pat,

Hope you are well and the website gets sorted easy!

Didn’t want to make a new topic and fill up the boards so just wondering if new links for Uplevel GB will be sent out? Both latest links from last email are now dead.


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Will do. We’ll put it on different file hosting sites to make sure it will stay up for a while.


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A freakin warning. You lying ### show me an answer you have made.

WTF you are on about this topic is for GB latest delivery. How is it spam to bring up a GB that’s not on the list per “Please post below if you’re interested in having a recent GB added to the list of GBs in the 2nd post.”.

Ban me, just deliver what I’ve paid for, I have no confidence in how you run GBs anyway. Look at any thread poor delivery is the norm.

We got it. We’ve heard this a thousand time. You don’t have confidence and all your accusations.

Get busy with something else till you get an update.

You’ve posted before, and we’ve added it to the list. Here is a proof:

You keep saying we ignore your posts. You actually drain our time with your insults, accusations and lies every single time.

You don’t add any new info everytime you make a post.

Yes, you’ll get banned. This is a final warning.

Now get out of this topic and open another to complain all your want.



The topic of Mindvalley all access with 30 interested members is removed, Can we still progress, do we have the possibility to open a GB? ( the offer is still valid if we open with chrome incognito.)

People are usually sensitive to see GBs opening while other GBs aren’t being delivered. (even though we explained tens of times GBs are run separately. They feel they’re being betrayed or being ignored.)

We are working on all front in the same time, yet, we got used to expect the worse from new members and people who have grudges toward the site (Unreasonable or due to bad experiences).

We had taken backup for that topic and we should get this opened shortly.

I’ll open up a topic to make sure new members are showing interest while we’re working on other stuff. (to avoid wasting time)



You are right, we do not see what is happening behind the scenes, yes ignorance makes me and other members impatient.sorry for that.

Thanks for the patience and great support.

Hi, I know you are busy now… but I had to change my first name pepeperola for pepeperola2 becasue it was not working

  1. is there anyway to recover it?

  2. GB Are assigned by email, Isn´t it?
    Thank you

Checked your email? You should have received a message.

Yes, I’ve just answered


I want to also request Dandapani https://learn.dandapani.org/
There was already a GB in the old forum. Hopefully we can start a new one.

Also one question about Brendon Burchard - High Performance Mentoring - 1 year + HPX Membership - 1 Year, when you have time can you open a GB so that we can see how it works and what are included.

Thank you I appreciated it.

Hello Patriot,

I did Nir Eyal - The Hook Model - How To Build Habit-Forming Products GB and I have not received anything. I appreciate any help.

Checked PayPal email for any emails regarding this GB?