[GET] Dan Henry - Modern Day Copy || 100% FREE||

Hey GI Members.

I’m sharing Dan Henry - Modern Day Copy that has been sold in the last Black Friday.

The Course Will be updated too with one more or maybe two other videos.

Let me know if you are interested and I’m going to send you a private message with Mega nz link.

I’m highly interested in this @Octopus lmk. thanks.

Hey, @Octopus definately interested in this :slight_smile:

Hi @Octopus definitely interested.


Can you send me too? Thanks

GroupInsider doesn’t Allow me to send messages.

How can I activate it?

@Patriot can you facilitate the sharing of this?

Do you think you can share it on OSE?

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I’m interested for sure. Thanks and Merry Christmas (if you celebrate). :slight_smile:

I can share it on OSE of course. But that will Limit it to premium users only.

I don’t want it to be exclusive to only them

People can get 30 days of premium membership. They’ll get it along with plenty of other materials.

Also, we can mirror it to other file hosting sites for everyone.

Hi Octopus, this looks really interesting. Would like to check it out. Thanks!

Thank you for The Premium Month Subscription.

I’ve uploaded Dan Henry - Modern Day Copy


and Also Uploaded Cat Howell – FATC 3.0 - Facebook Ads That Convert


I was hoping to send Mega links to interested members instead of the whole process.

Too Much Hassle in My opinion since Old torrents die eventually because they r not supported by seedboxes.


Hi Octopus, this looks really interesting. Would like to check it out. Thanks!

Yes, I’m interested :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing/

Please send me a link… Thanks!

interested !! :smiley:

can I have the link? thanks

Can you please share it with me?



If you guys haven’t seen Octopus post above, he shared it on OSE.

If you haven’t received your 30 days Premium membership gift, you can still request it and get Octopus shared stuff along with many others.

Get your premium membership here:
Get Premium Membership @ OSE

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