Get Premium Membership @ OSE

Hello everyone

To all those interested in getting a premium membership to OSE:

We’re facing increasing amount of tasks and more work is being added as the community grows. We’d like to ask if you’d be interested in helping us out here at GI and on OSE and in return, we’d love to offer a premium membership as long as you continue to help the community and its members.

If you’re interested, how would you be able to help the community? Ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated.

If you’re interested in being a premium at OSE, or interested in helping out the community, please post below and let us know how you can help out.

OSE: If you don’t have an account, go create one and have a look.



I could seed a few courses that have demand.

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I could help with requests, organization of the community and missing files. Similar to the one I made below for Sam’s Course, for a better visual understanding of the delivery process.

You can view it here:

I’ve labeled it in 4 different categories:

:white_check_mark: Delivered - Either Included in 3rd Party Source or Updated By Original Buyer

:x: Not Delivered By Any Source

:mag: Needs Verification Files Scattered

:hourglass: TBU - To Be Updated By Sam/Mods

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Hi Patriot,

I’d love to become an active member of this great community. There Seems to be a typo in the link, I googled it and lots of interesting stuff there.

I can help with being the buyer and ripping of all material (video, pdf, screencasts,…) and making everything available.

If need be, for specific torrents I can become a high upload seeder for some time.

Are there specific download sites GI uses? Do we have premium accounts on any or would this be for the uploader?


I might help with promotion of the site in different forums and communities if there is a need.

Apologies for the late reply, but of course you can count me in regarding any kind of support.
Of course, I can help by sharing my own material with the community, I have a lot in my collection, material I have acquired privately.
I can help with organization, managing users, following up statuses, etc.
I’m also experienced in software development and if any need arises I would be happy to help, as long as time is flexible.

Hi JulianAlexander,

Do you have a list of material? Always nice to know :slight_smile:

@Patriot is there an update on this? I’d love to become a part of the community.


I would love to help as a fairly long standing member of this community.
I would like to participate in some form of moderating GBs etc.

What’s the status on this ?


I’d love to join OSE. I’ve had issues trying to join in the past

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Do you have an account there?

If you don’t, use the sign up page.

If you do, What’s your username and I’ll look into it.


Hey Pat. Will send a DM with my account

The account is JBently

Hey Pat

I got the email but do not see where to apply for the premium.

Username is TheDude11


There is no account with that username.

Can you create a new account please?

Interested in premium membership. Username is CoolMama

Hi Pat

I own a data centre and have access to huge Internet bandwidth pipes.
I can download, organise, seed, and I have plenty of spare capacity to do this, as I have recurring revenue coming into my business that sustains my lifestyle.

I have over the years learnt everything I have applied from this great resource so would love to give back in any capacity I can.

Also I am available almost 24/7 most days and can respond immediately to any issues.

Many ways I can help, and would love to do so.



I can keep items torrenting. My computer crashed during my membership previously and I lost everything.

Hi Pat
am interested
uname: sks

I can help by seeding and help with answering questions and course organization

i would love to have premium on OSE. I have tons of super rare courses that aren’t leaked anywhere.

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