[How] Using Binance to Send USDT

We’re changing how we collect payments from our members.

In this topic, we will try to make it as easy as possible to help people join our GBs by paying with USDT.

Best Sites to Buy USDT From: [Tell us what do you use]
I believe the following should be pretty good (top is best):

All of these are pretty good. You got to get verified with one (Kraken has $2.5 sending fees. The rest are much cheaper) and then it will get easier (the 2nd payment will be much easier than the first).

I hope these help.

This tutorial is going to show you how to:

  1. Deposit Fiat Money [USD or Euros]
  2. Buy USDT.
  3. Send USDT.

We will do this using Binance.com or Binance.us (For US Residents).

You can use other services, but Binance.com / Binance.us are the cheapest.

Make sure you watch the fees (fees aren’t usually included in GB price. Please make sure to pay the transfer fees if there is any.)

You only need to use one website. Find the easiest and cheapest option. Both of the following are pretty trusted sites.

Tell us what country you reside in and we will help you find the best site to use.

Best regards

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This tutorial applies for Binance.com and Binance.us

Binance Tutorial for:

  1. Fiat Deposit.
  2. Buying USDT
  3. Sending USDT.

Step1 - Fiat Deposit:

  • Use SEPA or Faster Payment if available. It has 0 fees and it usually is fast.
    [Always test with the smallest amount possible. Making mistakes with small amounts is much better.]
  • Credit card is usually fast and cheap (2-3%). I’d pick Credit Card for small payments and for least surprises.

Sometimes deposits takes time. SEPA and Faster Payment shouldn’t take much (Some reports delays if you do too many frequent transactions.)

Step 2 - Buying USDT:
After you successfully deposit fiat currency (USD, EURs or GBP), you can head to Buy Crypto Menu > Cash Balance.

Choose Coin: USDT > Write the Amount > Click Buy USDT and confirm.

To be updated.

Step 3 - Send USDT:
The USDT You just bought in step 2 (Through Cash Balance) will be automatically sent to your Spot Wallet.

You can go to spot wallet from the Wallet Menu at the top right, then Fiat & Spot.

Once in the Spot wallet, you should find a table with all different currencies. You’ll see the currencies with balance at the top (If you have bought USDT, you’ll see USDT at the top of the table.)

In front of USDT, you’ll see your balance and multiple button. We’re interested in Withdrawing from your wallet (sending) to our wallet address.

There, you will need to:

  1. Write the TRC20 Address. [TRC20 is for USDT on Binance only.]
    USDT Addresses:

TRC20 : (No fees. Usually used on Binance only)

  1. Choose TRC20 (free way to send USDT on Binance)
  2. Write the amount,
  3. Submit.

And you’re done.

How to find your transaction ID?
Go back to your spot wallet, find Transaction History at the top right, and find the transactions there.

You’ll find the Internal Transfer Number there (that’s your transaction ID)

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Coinbase Tutorial for:

  1. Fiat Deposit.
  2. Buying USDC
  3. Sending USDC.

To be updated.

ERC20 Address to send USDC using Coinbase:


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Binance says that I must buy at least 15.00 US . Is this correct? I need to send you 10.00 for this group buy participation… Do I need to keep this extra money in my wallet?
How do you change the purchase to 10.00. Thanks, Al

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Every deposit method has its own rules. What deposit method are you trying to use?

I guess Credit Card deposit has $15 minimum.

Yes, you can keep the rest in your wallet for later.

Anyone having trouble buying USDT, try to buy using p2p section on Binance.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin on P2P | Local Bitcoin Exchange | Binance

You can pay via PayPal, Skrill and hundreds of other payment method.

Once the deal is done, you’ll get your USDT in your P2P wallet.

Transfer the USDT from your P2P wallet to Spot wallet and then you can send it to us.

It’s pretty easy and you’d love it after the first time. You just need to walk it the first time.


Hey P,

I’ve been trying to pay but my Binance account hadn’t been used for many months so they’ve put a 48 hour hold on withdrawals.

Is it OK on Monday?

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Which GB are you trying to pay for?

Oh sorry, the Justin Goff letter.

I already paid for/received January so it’s the $39 for February, March & Apri.

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Thanks for this …

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Is there a step by step tutorial on how to do this? I tried to deposit money using SWIFT bank transfer and using credit card but it all looks abit complicated. A step by step tutorial would be really helpful. Thanks!

Which site were you using? Binance.com ?

@Patriot, Are Skrill payments still accepted?

I open an account in Skrill with the only purpouse to pay for GBs in GI and I am still have some money left in my account.

It will be lovely if I can use those remaining funding.


Yes, Skrill is still an option to pay with.

I’ll message you.

I already have a Skrill account also. Can I pay with it ?. thanks

I live in New York, so no access to Binance.com or Binance.us.

My account was suspended by Coinbase.

Can I just send you money through Paypal?



I’ll send you Skrill email address to send to.


Does skrill work for you?

@Patriot - can you send me the Skrill email details also in order for me to make payment.

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I’ve been having problems with Binance and coinbase etc.

I have eth in blockchain dot com wallet, can I send using this? @Patriot

Hello ROAS

May I know what problems have you been facing?

Sending ETH will cost you a lot of fees nowadays.

There are plenty of other sites that would be free to send us with, but you need to get your verification done once.
Please check any of these sites:

TRON | Decentralize The Web

Some wallets that accept TRC20 Network are also free of charge.