Justin Goff - 1000 Buyers a Day [February, March & April, 2021]

Hello everyone

We already delivered August - January 2021. Each was $13/month.

If you’re interested in previous months, please post below and we will contact you with Payment details.

Newsletter Price:

Seat Price:
$25-35/ for 3 months (depend on # of participants)

If you’re interested, post below/add your name to the list and we will send you the payment details for the automatic monthly subscription.


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Sounds good. Keen. Thank you.

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I am interested in this. Thank you.

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Interested Members:

  1. asts18
  2. Dutchend

I am interested in this. Thank you.

yes interested, count me in

interested thank you

yes interested, count me in

Still interested and will happily continue

I am interested. Thank you.

Count me in, thanks.

awesome, im in@Patriot

Interested please.

Also, I didn’t receive a link for January’s. I’ve been in since the start. Can you let me know where it is please?


Count me in, many thanks.

My bad.

You’ve been granted access @y2flame

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Interested Members:

  1. asts18
  2. Dutchend
  3. valeryrodry
  4. ken.lindsay
  5. khjbkk
  6. hanindo2000
  7. Dimos
  8. ronsingh
  9. gus99
  10. ruler180
  11. y2flame
  12. camaro03

I’m Interested thank’s a lot !

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Yeah, I’m interested

I subscribed for November and till date i have not gotten the package plus the new Bonus justin gave out that month…i have sent several mails, yet no attention to this…

I’m interest.

@Patriot When I see these images of modules 1-7 in the first post, was that part of the first newsletters? I didn’t get these, and I was in from the beginning.