Leadershift online course by John C Maxwell

Leadershift online course John C Maxwell

Learn the necessary shifts to developing agility in your daily leadership.

Welcome to the new age of leadership, an age where fast is faster and forward is shorter.

Fortunately, John Maxwell is here to help us chart the way forward. His new online course, Leadershift (based on his new book Leadershift: 11 Changes Every Leader Must Embrac e) sheds new light on developing sustainable, future-focused leadership. It is a fresh call to action in the world of leadership, and John is excited for the impact it will have on the next generation of leaders.

What You’ll Get

Twelve 30-minute video lessons by John Maxwell

Application guides to help you implement what you’re learning right away

Fill-in-the-blank notes for each lesson to follow along as you learn

On-demand, lifetime access to all the resources and content in the course

sales page : https://www.johnmaxwellacademy.com/leadershiftcourse
price : $395

anyone ?

Yes I would love to enroll for it.

Yes I would love to enroll for it.!!! I’m IN !!!

sound cool, I am in. Thanks

Any other people interested ?