[List] What's Happening on GI?

This is a quick update on what’s going on in GI:

GBs Status Updates:


Opened GBs:

What should we bring next to GI & OSE? [We might do them as mini GBs or Giveaways]

  • Roger Love – Speaking Pro Masterclass – 2019
  • Chris Evans and Taylor Welch – Traffic and Funnels – Client Kit

Let us know in a comment below:

  • Which you’re interested in form these suggestions
  • Have you paid for a GB but haven’t received yet?
  • Any questions?

Hi, I already paid for one month of Dan Kennedy - Diamond Deluxe Membership

Can we do GBs for Steve Pavlina’s courses?

It will be great to bring to OSE: Roger Love – Speaking Pro Masterclass – 2019 as giveaways.

I already have paid for Design Sprint Masterclass with Jake Knapp (Google Venture) can you send me the access to the course?

Patriot whats the status with Sovereign Man Confidential - Been waiting since August now for an update and had zero response?

Before I purchase anything else. Any idea when were getting the remaining elements of Lifebook? Back in Jult 2019 you said thay you were looking at ways of getting the content, but no updates since and no replys on the thread t multiple questions.

What is missing there? I found a Lifebook challenge in a popular torrents site with pdfs for each day

Interested in joining GB for Roger Love

Interested in Chris Evans and Taylor Welch – Traffic and Funnels – Client Kit


@strateg there are videos missing from Lifebook Mastery and from Lifebook Membership. Would greatly appreciate a PM with the link to the torrent you found

damn i left this forum years ago and i creep in today to see what was up. Seems like the same delivery frustrations i had then other members are having it now.

Nothing changed.

Glad i left.

Shoutout to feedurbrain and all the cool people on there who wanted to see this community thrive. It’s unfortunate that they never really got it all the way right but i do appreciate forums like this who gave me the opportunity to buy courses when i couldn’t afford them at full price.

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@IMMNY05 I think I am a particular case because I changed my mind after payment for closed GB. From [Official GB] Techseries.dev - Tech Interview Pro to Design Sprint Masterclass with Jake Knapp (Google Venture), because I had the first one. I asked and selected, but I am still not invited to form. From another side, I received Alter Ego Effect Masterclass by Todd Herman in 4 days, so it is acceptable.

@doely Are you talking about Lifebook Lite from [Official GB] Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass Membership?

Definitely the traffic and funnels client kit.

Was there ever an update to the Sprint Design Masterclass?


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Beside the extras, no.

There was a proposal to do a GB for an upsell (Documents, slides …) but it didn’t get enough interested members at that point.


Hi @Patriot . Melissa Tiers courses aren’t seeded by anyone. I will continuously seed if I can download but I cant.

Sovereign Man Confidential has been taken off the list?

Still awaiting delivery since August? Please state an outcome of some kind Patriot.