[Official GB] Andre Chaperon - Lean Business For Creators

Andre Chaperon - Lean Business For Creators

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If interested, post below.


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Just paid .
its here right?

thanks !

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Paid via Paypal and form filled. Thanks.

Already Paid vía PayPal :slight_smile:

Paid via paypal. Successfully Thanks

Paid via paypal. Thanks

Paid and completed the form. Thanks

I’m interested. Thanks

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Paid and completed the form. Thanks

Paid and form completed. Thanks.

Paid & form filled. Thank you.

Already paid, and filled out the form.

Paid n all that jazz

Interessted in this group buy

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Paid Jul 13 via Paypal; Form completed

I’m interested.

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Paid/form filled Looking fwd to this

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18 paid. 12 more members to reach minimum needed number and to deliver the GB to participants.

I thought you said in the other thread that minimum participants were 25, now the ones who already paid have to wait until 30 participants to get the course? Just to understand the process


This is a Group Buy. We need enough payments to be able to purchase/cover the costs of the course.

Please read this topic (click on the link for better view) for more details:

The course is $495. If you made your calculations, you’d notice that $495 / $17 = ~ 29 members are needed.

I hope this clears out your confusion and answer your question.