[Official GB] Dan Kennedy - Diamond Deluxe Membership

We’re starting with the Basic Diamond Deluxe Membership and we will get the rest of the products in the discussion GB as more members join in.

GB Discussion Topic:

Sales page:

Product Cost:

Seat Price:

Min. Number of Seats:


If interested, post below.


All interested members have been messaged:

  1. trc512
  2. simple
  3. Fierceteddy
  4. pepeperola
  5. Kentzik
  6. jojo123
  7. nmoubayed
  8. xzodiax1
  9. webbie
  10. george
  11. heycool2009
  12. iangmc
  13. Scorpio7
  14. davide
  15. jibby9
  16. ajaz99
  17. MrOctagon
  18. advertorials
  19. hotrod
  20. mimivampyr
  21. JuceboxMarketing
  22. davidryan
  23. labruce

I’ve paid by following the instructions in the recent message! And, I’ve filled in the google form!

Just paid, form submitted, thank you!

Paid, form filled out.

Im excited for this one! Thank you

Paid, form filled out. Thank you

Just paid via Paypal and submitted form!

Interested, please send payment information, thanks!

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Paid and filled out form, thanks!

Paid via paypal and Submitted form ! Thanks

payment link please. thank you

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Payment made yesterday via PayPal. Receipt number available upon request.

If you’ve filled the google form, you don’t need to provide the receipt number.

Welcome to GI :slight_smile:

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I am Interested - thanks

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Paid Members:

  1. MrOctagon
  2. ajaz99
  3. webbie
  4. jojo123
  5. jibby9
  6. simple
  7. pepeperola
  8. Fierceteddy
  9. Tonydeefunk
  10. nmoubayed

Interested but haven’t paid [Please state if you’re still in or out]:

Signed up for recurring membership and paid 8/14/19

Paid - Dan Kennedy - Diamond Deluxe Membership + Filled out Google Form - thanks

Paid via paypal & filled out form.

Interested. Let me know how to participate.

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i am interested
let me know where i can pay

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