[Official GB] Jon Loomer - Elite Membership [Master the Facebook Pixel 2019 + Facebook Attribution Training]

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  1. BruceyB
  2. Alex77
  3. H.king.s
  4. colinaroark
  5. makeyourself
  6. michaeljones
  7. kmm2908
  8. bcn19
  9. sgpro
  10. eddietiong
  11. webworks
  12. Kentzik
  13. aka_lde
  14. Suave
  15. pocajontas94
  16. Mrpogi
  17. samjam
  18. freedom

Alright @Patriot , just paid and the form was completed too

Paid & Submitted. Thanx.

Paid & Submitted. Thx

Interested, payment link please.

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Paid, form filled. aaaa

Paid, form filled :slight_smile:

interested, please send me payment link, thanks.

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Paid, form filled.:grinning::smiley::smile::grin:

Interested, please send payment info

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Paid and submitted. :smile::smile::smile::smile:

Paid, and filled out form, thanks!

Hi @Patriot,

payment made and submitted. Thanks

If you’ve paid and you’re not on the list, please let us know.

If you haven’t paid and you’re still interested, please don’t delay any longer.

If you’re not interested anymore, please say so.

Paid Members:

  1. pocajontas94
  2. samjam
  3. aka_lde
  4. vvd
  5. BruceyB
  6. BK_BTE
  7. makeyourself
  8. tonydeefunk
  9. Alex77

Interested but haven’t paid yet:

I am interested in Jon Loomer GB. Is it still available for me to get in?

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If it’s possible to still get in on this please let me know.

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Paid and submitted form.

paid and submitted form

almost paid 20 days ago , when will we access this course?:anguished: sounds next auto payment coming.