[Official GB] Living from a Place of SURRENDER (Spiritual Course)

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If interested, post below.


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I’m interested in this, great job everyone!

I’m Interested in this one as well

I’m interested for this.

Looks great. I’m in for $12.00.

Please send payment details when ready.

Hi Patriot, can you sende the payment link?

hi could you please send me the payment link

I am interested. Please send me the payment link

Didn’t get a payment request though I was on the list. Please send

I am interested, please send a payment link

Interested. Please send the payment link

don’t you think it would be easier if you sent the payment details to everyone on the [Discuss GB] list & then get the interested members who have paid to just post confirmation of payment on [Official GB]?

send payment details

Guys, check this out:
Michael Singer - Living From a Place of Surrender

This looks good. Please let me know how we are paying/receiving now> Thanks Patriot!

I’m interested. Can you send me payment?