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Michael Breen - Perpetual Progress

Perpetual Progress

If you’re looking to change your income, influence and impact then be sure to check this out.
This is a totally different type of training than any NLP training you’ve tried before.
The approach Michael reveals is the exact OPPOSITE of what “everyone else” is doing…

It has the potential to transform your NLP and your life.

What you will receive :

  • 30 Skill Transforming Training Videos
  • 18 Bespoke Video Exercises
  • 48 Audio Training Files
  • Word-For-Word Training Transcript
  • Exclusive Ask Michael Anything Live Webinar
  • NLP Techniques Demystified

Sales page : Perpetual Progress

Sample videos :

Reflect After Every Session

Deep Insights On… How To Be More Persuasive

Price : $297

Seat Cost:

If you’re interested, Leave a post below.


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Yep, I am certainly interested.

I’m interested, thanks,

Interested, thank you very much

I’m interested in this

Definitely interested. Thank you

interested… thanks for the gb

Yes very interested thanks

yes, want to participate.

I’m interested in this

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I’m in thanks. Look forward to more details.

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PAID. G Form completed and submitted. Thanks.

paid by paypal form submitted thanks

I’m interested, thanks.

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Paid. Form submitted. Thanks.

Paid paypal thank you

Paid via Paypal. Form submitted. Thanks.

Interested thanks pls send payment details

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Interested, please send me information

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