[Official GB] Roger Love – Speaking Pro Masterclass – 2019

Yes! definitely interested.

Yes, I’m interested.

I’m interested, count me in.

Interested, thank you.

Yes, I’m in. Thanks in advance.

I expressed an interest in this 6 to 8 months ago. But time has gone one on and I have to decline to participate in this one. I hope that it goes well for everyone participating! Best wishes!

I am interested. Pls send me payment detail

very veryy interested

I’m definitely interested.

Yes, Im interested. Instruction to pay?

Interested! Thanks…

Interested. Thank you.

I’m interested. Thanks!

I’m interested thanks

Interested too. Thanks!

I’m interested as well.

Very interested; please send payment dets. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m interested in this

Interested! I’m in, add me to the list. Thanks.

I’m interested! Let me know to proceed