[Official GB] Sponsored Products Academy 3 (Amazon) - $2000 Product

Sponsored Products Academy 3 (Amazon)


Welcome to Sponsored Products Academy 3

Sales Page:

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This topic will be for gathering interested members and finding the best price tag for the GB.

Show your interest below and write the highest you can go for ($20? $50? $100? $150?)



Up to $50

Ready to go up to $150

Interested up to $50

Interested … I am okay with upto $150

I’m interested at $50

Im interested (already owe near $150 from groupinsider :frowning: )

Interested Up to 50$

Interested, up to 100$

Interested up to $20

interested, up to $50

interested, up to $20

Interested up to $50

Interested, up to $150

Please note that this GB won’t be priced at anything lower than $50/seat.

Interested, up to $150

In at upto $50 or what ever min GB amount is.

Ok I’m interested for $50

Interested up to $50

interested for $50