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Techseries.dev - Tech Interview Pro

Techseries offers an interview preparation course for programmer.

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If you’re interested, post below.


Thanks Patriot, just paid.

@Patriot, i have send the payment and update the google form.

Interested in this GB

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Interested. Could I have the payment link please?

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Thanks Patriot Just Paid!

Payment made and form filled out. Thank you!


Thank you very much

@Patriot, any update on the course purchase?

Confirming payment via PayPal.
Thank you for all the effort!

@Patriot any update to this gb?

Hi @Patriot,

There is a Black Friday 60% discount out now at $397


Any chance of getting the course at this price for the people that have registered and paid so far for this GB?

Thank you!

The course was purchased and is ready to be delivered. The problem was that people haven’t paid as they said.

We’ll send the links anyway within few hours.


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I really appreciate the delivery despite the unfortunate circumstances, it means a lot.
Thank you, Patriot!

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@Patriot Thank you very much for delivering the course!

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Interested in this GB. Could you send payment details @Patriot

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Interested, please share details!!

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Interested in it, can you please tell me how to move forward?

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