[Official GB] The Hooked Workshop

Hello everyone

We are recreating recent topics. We have lists. We have everything. But as we were limited to either recover old accounts or keep recent topics, we had to go with Old Accounts.

About the GB:

Sales Page:

Product Price:

Seat Price:

Min. Number of Seats:

Refund Policy:
Not Refundable.

Interested? Post below and we will message you the payment details.



Thank you Pat for restoring the accounts!
I’d like receive this GB :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Didn’t get download link originally but have paid.

I just PMed RE this.

how can i see the sales page link

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First post has been updated.


All participants, please check your emails.

Didn’t get download link originally but have paid.

Interested in this GB

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Interested. I am not sure If I paid for this already.

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I’ve made the payment originally, not sure if delivered yet

@drkgable00 & @suave
Have you guys checked your PayPal email address for an email for this?

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Yes 100% interested please send payment link

Thank you

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I’m sure I paid for this and others but don’t have the links, if they are up. Please send out to the buyers the links to get the programs we invested in. Thank you

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Have you checked your PayPal email for an update for this GB? We sent out an email for everyone.


Hello again Makaveli

Your original account is active, please try to recover it.

Interested in this yes

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I just payed up …

I’ve sent you a message to verify your payment.


Is mine paid now?


I have paid via PayPal and completed the Google Form. Thank you, again, for organizing.


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