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A GB discussion topic for it was started recently, and we received high interest in no time.

We’re going to make a bet and price this $1,000 for $10/seat to beat all expectations.

If you’re into copywriting and you had a look at the testimonials below (and the posts that follows), you should rethink how serious you are as a copywriter if you don’t jump on this for $10/seat.

And hell ya, we need around a 100 members to join this to cover the costs. Yet, we believe this GB will get there. (Other GBs had already gone that far without the kind of testimonials this has.)

We’re listing below the testimonials of people who are looking forward to getting this course: The RMBC Method by Stefan Georgi.

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Alright, here are the comments of people looking forward to join this GB (on our site and on other GBs sites):

“I’ve been through every copywriting system and course in existence in the last 15 years – from Kennedy to Jon Benson to Clayton Makepeace – but the results Stefan’s RMBC Method produces blows everything else away. It’s truly that powerful.”

I’d love to join in, I heard great things about Stefan and his methods

If you are wondering if this copywriting program is really different, better, etc. than the dozen copywriting GBs already on your hard drive.
Here’s a link to the full copy page for the product: http://thermbcmethod.com/

  • Multiple members are increasing their commitment to double their initial pledge.

  • People who made a vow to leave GBs for a while are making an exception for this one.

And much more.

Check out more about this Course in:

  • The 2nd Post Below: all you need about the Course.

  • The 3rd Post: testimonials.

If you’re interested, this is a $10/seat GB. Post a reply below and we will send you the payment details.



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Those people all said it was one of the best investments they’d ever made in their lives…

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The RMBC Method Online Course


New Video: The #1 copywriter in the world reveals how he makes $50,000 per sales letter

The #1 copywriter in the world reveals how he makes $50,000 per sales letter

Stefan Georgi is what some call the new Gary Bencivenga – he’s busting out 8-figure offers and has released his first course The RMBC Method

Here is more about what the course contains:

This Simple, 4-Step Copywriting Method Took Me From Broke and Living In A Trailer To Generating Over $700MM In Sales …

And today I want to give it to you.

Yo, check it out…

Right now, as you’re reading this…

My copy is generating over $10MM a month for one single client…

Another client is doing over $5MM a month thanks to my sales copy…

Several others are doing over $1MM a month each…

And I have multiple offers of my own that are bringing in over $2MM a month.

So combined my copy is grossing over $20MM a month for myself and my clients…

Which is how you get to $700MM in sales…

Along with how you reach a billion…

Which is a landmark I should be hitting by the end of this year.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In 2011 I was living in a double-wide trailer and making $200 a week…

Then I started as a freelance copywriter in early 2012…

And for the next two years my whole life was a feast-or-famine cycle.

Maybe you can relate?

One week I’d get multiple new clients and be on cloud nine…

Then I’d go several more weeks without a single new client…

And worry about how I’d pay my bills.

I must have sold my Xbox to Gamestop at least 4 times…

Cause I’d sell it whenever I was struggling and needed to pay the rent…

Then I’d get a few clients and things would seem to be going better, so I’d buy a new Xbox…

But then sure enough, I’d hit a new dry spell…

And it was back to Gamestop I would go.

Silly, I know…

But that’s what life was like…

At least until I stumbled onto the step-by-step copywriting system that changed everything for me.

This system is called The RMBC Method…

And I created it after landing what seemed like a dream client who turned out to be batshit crazy.

Why were they crazy?

They thought it was entirely possible for me to write a new sales letter in a single day.

And they created this insane bonus structure where, if I wrote 4 sales letters in a month I’d make $4,000…

But if I could write 12 sales letters a month for them…

I could make up to $72,000.

Pretty big difference, right?

So the question became…

How the hell do I write a new sales letter every 2.5 days?

And that’s where The RMBC Method comes into the picture.

It stands for Research, Mechanism, Brief, and Copy…

And what I realized…

Is that if I followed this replicable process step-by-step…

Suddenly there was no mystery to writing effective sales copy at all.

Instead, I had a blueprint, or a framework…

Something that allowed me to know exactly what I needed to do…

To pump out winning sales-letter after winning sales-letter.

Even cooler…

I realized that this same method could be applied to Advertorials, Email Creatives, Landing Pages, and pretty much every other type copy you can imagine…

And in the months following my creation of RMBC…

Not only did I consistently write over 12 sales letters a month (and change my life in the process)…

But they were damn good – the client grossed over $100MM in a single year thanks to them.

Now obviously I had a pretty epic opportunity and I got super lucky with that client…

But what about people who don’t have a client ready to pay them $72,000 a month?

Turns out, RMBC works for everyone – 9 figure companies and new freelancers alike.

In fact, you may have seen people talking about it in this group already…

But if you haven’t, here are just a few stories from folks who have used it:

I’ve Been Through Every Copywriting System and Stefan’s RMBC Method Blows Them All Away!
“I’ve been through every copywriting system and course in existence in the last 15 years – from Kennedy to Jon Benson to Clayton Makepeace – but the results Stefan’s RMBC Method produces blows everything else away. It’s truly that powerful. 80% of the offers Stefan writes end up working on cold traffic. Even good copywriters can barely hit 30-40%. He’s batting 80%. But the craziest part is that his system is replicable for copywriters at any level. I’ve seen it firsthand in our Copy Accelerator group. People come in with mediocre copy and within two months of following RMBC, they’re writing stuff that’s scaling on Facebook. RMBC just flat out works. And it’s easy to understand. I really can’t recommend it enough.”

  • Justin Goff, Co-Founder of Copy Accelerator

We’re On Track To Hit $200MM and RMBC is a Huge Reason Why
“We started our company 5 years ago with $1,000. We’re on pace to do $200 million this year and I can tell you that Stefan Georgi is a huge piece of what made that possible.

The second he walked me through his RMBC method I knew I had found the holy grail in copywriting. It was like someone had taken all of the best principles of copy and finally put it into an incredibly clear step by step system that just pulled high level copy out of you.

When the training was over, I didn’t sleep for 2 days. I went home and started cranking out our first VSL following his system and it went on to do over $50 million the next year.

Since then we’ve gone 6 for 6 on writing offers that scale massively and profitable day one on cold traffic thanks to The RMBC Method…

And I won’t work with a copywriter unless he or she follows Stefan’s RMBC method either. In fact, we train everyone in house on that method exclusively.”

  • Nick Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of V Shred and Sculpt Nation

Now I Would Never Think Of Writing Copy Without Following RMBC!
“Before I found Stefan and his RMBC Method, writing copy was always a struggle. I always felt like I was missing something or that my sales argument was weak. The problem was that I wasn’t sure where. After learning The RMBC Method I never have that problem anymore. In fact, when I use the method from start to finish, my copy always converts. When I don’t, it doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. It’s also given me the ability to write faster, which means I can take on more clients and make more money. Bottom line, I would never think of writing any copy without following the RMBC format. It’s a game changer!”

  • Randall Pruitt

RMBC Takes All the Confusing Parts About Copy And Puts Them In Order For You
“I’ve been in several masterminds. Taken every course and read every book I could find on writing effective sales copy. Stefan takes the things I found confusing and puts them in order. In fact, he has put the whole process of writing sales copy in an order that makes it easy to execute. Don’t just get Stefan’s program, use it and see your bank account fill up quickly from anywhere in the world you choose to be.”

  • John Rowley

I’ve At Least Doubled My Income Thanks to This System!
“Before RMBC, my head was always awash with half a dozen different sales letter structures and approaches. This meant tons of wasted time, plus a bunch of blind spots that sabotaged my copy.

Since learning RMBC from Stefan, it’s focused, streamlined, and simplified the entire process for me.

Plus, I’ve cut my writing time AT LEAST in half, which means more projects and more money.

It’s basically doubled my up-front income and given a big beautiful boost to my royalty income as well.

RMBC is a life saver.”

  • Scott Mills, Copywriter

I have literally hundreds of testimonials like this.

And the reason I’m sharing some of them with you right now…

Is because today I want to give you the opportunity to bring my RMBC Method into your life as well.

You see, here’s why you need The RMBC Method.

First, it’s the most effective copywriting system on earth.

If you follow RMBC step-by-step…

You will be able to produce high-quality, high-converting sales copy in a fraction of the time it takes you right now…

And you will eliminate all of the fear, uncertainty, and doubt from the art of copywriting forever.

And second…

The RMBC Method is the most comprehensive copywriting training I’ve ever seen.

There are ten main modules…

Module #1: Welcome
Module #2: Research
Module #3: Mechanism
Module #4: Brief
Module #5: Copy
Module #6: Fascinations
Module #7: Attention Grabbing Leads
Module #8: Writing Killer Headlines
Module #9: Subject Lines and Ad Creatives
Module #10: The AOV Money Close

And each of these modules includes multiple videos where I am:

  • Giving you a comprehensive, but easy-to-understand overview of what’s being taught…

  • Walking you through multiple examples in numerous niches…

  • Then showing you how I implement these concepts copies in real-time – meaning you watch over-the-shoulder as I do research, write briefs, create fascinations, and more.

These ten modules alone are worth 30x what the investment in The RMBC Method is…

But I didn’t stop there…

Instead I added in six RIDICULOUSLY comprehensive bonus modules too.

Here they are:

Bonus #1: Using the RMBC to Write a New Keto Sales Letter from Scratch

This module includes seven videos where I record myself doing this new letter from conception, to completion. You get to look over-my-shoulder and “peak in” at the entire writing process.

Plus, throughout these videos I share my decision-making process for each step…that way you can see exactly why I made the edits, changes, and tweaks that I did.

Bonus #2: Advertorials with Heath Wilcock

Heath is one of the best advertorial writers working today, and inside this module he breaks down his entire process, including:

  • The 5 Essential Questions every advertorial must answer for the prospect if you want to elicit a response….

  • Heath’s PAS framework can increase clickthrough rates by 200% or more…

  • The 4 Advertorial Archetypes that virtually all successful adverts follow.

In other words…

After this module writing Advertorials will never be confusing again. It’ll be easy and automatic.

Bonus #3: Big Ideas Explained

Inside this module:

  • I give you what I consider to be the world’s best definition of the Big Idea…

  • Share my simple, two step criteria for evaluating if your Big Idea will truly work

  • Show you what Big Ideas have in common with bestselling business books and memes…

  • Give you a specific, step-by-step system for generating Big Ideas on-demand…

  • Then answer several of the most common FAQs people have about Big Ideas, including how they’re different from USPs.

Bonus #4: Coming Up with the Mechanism for Health Offers

Ever wondered how to create a health mechanism from scratch?

Inside this module I show you the process I use to:

  • Quickly and easily find dozens of exciting new scientific discoveries……

  • Rapidly filter through these discoveries to select the unique mechanism that I think is strongest…

  • Then write out the Unique Mechanism in a matter of minutes.

If you write or sell in the health niche, this module alone could be worth millions of dollars to you in the years to come.

Bonus #5: Writing Facebook Ads with Mike Buontempo

Mike Buontempo spends 7 figures on Ad Spend each month…

And inside this module he gives you his detailed process for crafting killer ads that work on Facebook and other major traffic sources…

Then he actually writes a killer new FB Ad for you in real-time, as you watch…

That way you can model off his process in the future…

And never struggle with writing FB Ads again.

Bonus #6: Writing Mini Sales Letters

Some people think my Copy Outline only applies to long-form sales letters…

But that’s absolutely not true.

So in this module I take you through two mini sales letters:

  • A VSL script for a client in the Sports Entertainment niche (~1,300 word script)…

  • A FB Video script that a friend wrote in the health niche (~1,200 words long)…

And show you exactly how both these scripts follow the Copy Outline…

Plus, how you model off of them to make sure your mini sales copy hits hard and converts

Pretty impressive, right?

This is going to have a profound impact not just on your business…

But your entire damn life.

For the freelancers in this group…

The RMBC Method will allow you to start pumping out high-converting copy for clients in so much less time than it takes you now.

That means you can take on more projects each month if you want…

Or better yet, you can take on fewer projects but charge way higher rates…

Plus The RMBC Method means never feeling stuck, lost, or confused when writing sales copy again.

And for the the business owners in this group…

Using The RMBC Method means consistency and scale.

Consistency because suddenly your team will be consistently putting out better copy…

And scale because that better copy will allow you to acquire more customers, at a higher profit margin, and grow your business exponentially.

The RMBC Method is revolutionary.

Cliché sounding I know…

But after you’ve gotten a peak inside…

I DARE you to disagree with me.

I know you won’t…

And that’s why I’m so excited to give you full access to The RMBC Method today.

Here’s how it works:

While my Copy Accelerator Members pay upwards of $30,000 per year to be trained on The RMBC Method…

Today you get access to all 16 in-depth, easy-to-follow modules…

For just $997.

Or if cash flow is an issue…

You can also choose the payment plan…

Where it’s four payments of $397.

I’ll put a link to both checkout options in the first comment below…

So go ahead and click on one of those now…

And then, the second you’ve completed your order…

You get instant access to the entire program and you can dive right in.

Oh and by the way…

Your investment in The RMBC Method also comes with access to a Private FB Group I’ve created.

It’s called The RMBC Method with Stefan Georgi.

And inside this group you’re able to ask me any questions about the course as you’re going through it…

Meaning if you’re ever unclear about a concept…

Or you want to know if something you’ve learned applies to a specific situation…

You can simply post it in the FB Group…

And I’ll respond.

I’ll only be personally responding to questions for the first 30 days though…

After that, I’ll hand off duties to another copywriter who has been trained on RMBC…

Which means that if you do want to work with me personally for the next month, as you go through the training…

Then you need to get your hands on The RMBC Method right now…

That way you can maximize your time with me.

The program just had a “soft launch” yesterday to my internal email list. I’ve got around 900 people on my list, and over 60 people said yes to RMBC in the first few hours…with more new members coming in as I write this.

And right now…

The only place you can get access to The RMBC Method is to be on my email list, or through this post.

Which means if you want exclusive, immediate access to The RMBC Method…

Go ahead and take advantage of the links that are in the comments below.

Hopefully you’re not even still reading this…

Hopefully you’re already on the checkout page…

Claiming your instant access…

And changing your live forever.

  • SPG

If you’re interested, this is a $10/seat GB. Post a reply below and we will send you the payment details.

More Testimonials:

Testimonial from Stefan’s FB Group…

As a user of Stefan’s RMBC method… if you haven’t taken action and picked it up I highly suggest you do so.

It’s seriously the most cutting-edge way to writing cash-producing sales letters in the fastest time possible.

BTW this isn’t a sponsored post and Stefan doesn’t even know I’m writing this…

It’s just what happens when you truly believe in a product or service and what it’s done for you. (Great lesson in itself to only promote stuff you believe in)

One of the biggest roadblocks that most new copywriters face is their structure lacks.

Not because they’re bad writers…

But because they don’t have the experience to know what good structure looks like.

This was one of my own personal issues I had for a long time.

And once I started learning from Justin & Stefan and learned the RMBC method…

My copywriting peers immediately told me how drastically my copy had improved.

In fact, after learning about Stefan’s RMBC method and Justin Goff’s incredible upsell frameworks…

And writing my first sales letter…

It generated $150K in the first month for my client at the time.

Justin and Stefan’s stuff really works.

I’ve been part of their Copy Accelerator mastermind since the very start.

Pretty sure I was one of the first people ever signed up lol.


Investing to learn from Justin and Stefan - two of the greatest copywriting and marketing minds alive right now…

Is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for yourself, your income, and your business.

Because of them, my life will never be the same.

Please count me in! Thanks

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interested members so far:

  1. Cpd0day
  2. Timwros
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interested members so far:

  1. Cpd0day
  2. Timwros
  3. Donutmad
  4. mitpapgr
  5. lemax93
  6. apocalipnos
  7. mich
  8. GIJOE01
  9. Nespolino
  10. ajaz99
  11. actionrob ($40)
  12. saxon
  13. Fly (under $40 if possible)
  14. gus99
  15. Sky
  16. Atreidesmuad
  17. khjbkk
  18. iangmc
  19. yarvua
  20. drm2002
  21. mbg ($20-$25)
  22. Divine_Joker ($20-$25)
  23. shegzy
  24. gb1000
  25. ronsingh
  26. madhatter
  27. hatrick
  28. jremo25
  29. tonyjuskal
  30. happystuff
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