Paul Sanders - Social Life access

Social Life Access – 15 Keys To Access The Friends & Social Life You Want

two decades researching and experimenting with social skills

  • 15 video modules, in three major parts – 3 categories of socializing.
  • Over 10 hours of HD video.
  • Exercises and transcripts.
  • You get the audio versions as well, so you can listen while you’re on the go.

Cost: 500$
Seat: 20$

  1. Aleks
  2. Alin

Interested to buy this nice course

interested in this one

  1. Aleks
  2. Alin
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  4. hminsenberg
  5. Timek

boost, let’s do that

is there a video of this guy?
Im not saying the info isnt good, but i wanna learn from someone who not only “knows” the stuff, but is actually doing it successfully.
And my first red flag is this guy isnt even in a video at the top of the sales letter, or even anywhere on that page.

Big, red, flag.
A social product and the guy can’t even show himself live for us to see talking to us.

So is there any video? Especially one where he talks normal, not one where he puts the fingers of both of his hand together and do the calculated “presenter” hand gesture, but just talk normally?

Im interested but i have to see this guy speaking for real,
not just writing content hiding behind his computer.
Because i could create products on social, seduction, all kinds of stuff myself. It doesnt make me an expert others should learn from.

@mic7 There are videos. That was stated in the first post…

interested in the course.

i’m not asking if there are videos INSIDE the program.
Im asking for videos of this guy outside this program.
Any for the marketing of this program?
Elsewhere? Any content video? anything?

You dont think its weird that someone who sell themselves
As the social guy and expert not to share his message with us
socially in video form?

Didn’t find them, but I still think the content is great.

this video confirms my suspicion.
Even in this video he cannot even show himself on camera to us
And instead went out of his way to have a nice graphic be created and shown instead of his face.

I NEVER wanna learn from this guy ever.
I too can pull a lot of great information from many products and sources and make a compelling program.

Even if he does how his face in the program (saw a pic of his face inside the program in a room doing a video),
my gut is pretty confident he’s just like me, a n intelligent guy who can put stuff together, but i guarantee you this guy isnt social at all.

Otherwise he would’ve made many videos of him live on camera, and wouldve shown himself off in social situations, around friends, women etc.
Even quick 20 sec videos just saying hi and saying something about haing a great social life.

I never study from those not DOING, and just putting stuff together.
I bet you this is a highly introovert guy who mostly stay in his cave at home. He wanted to learn this stuff, researched, put a lot of bits from different programs, and now trying to make a living out of it.

Look, just about anyone in any market show their face on camera all the time. Think about how much more compelling it would be for him to bw social on video. DOnt you think he knows this? Yet he refuses categorically to do this in this video era. That tells you ALL you need to know about him.

Im done and out.

Well that is your personal opinion, not a fact.

Just reading his sales letter is enough for me to know that I want to learn more about the things he mentioned.