[Premium] Free & Paid OSE Membership - Apply Inside

Hello everyone

I hope you’re all safe and well.

As many of us are locked at home, we’re trying to offer something to help everyone use their time the best.

We’ve announced in the past that we prefer to give everyone a chance to use OSE Premium Membership in return for his contribution to the community.

Sadly, not everyone has followed the rules.

So, we’d like to restart this with more strict rules. If people follow them, the community will thrive and everyone will enjoy the site. If some don’t (and there will always be people who like freebies; ie, do nothing in return), we’ll have to take away any privileges they have on the site.

What you get by becoming a Premium Member:

  • Download will only be possible to Premium Members.
  • Ratio won’t matter. Immune of Losing account due to poor ratio.
  • Group Buys aren’t downloadable by Premium Members.
  • Access a wide range of content.
  • Download what you can use. Excessive downloading is forbidden.

General Rules:

  • Download what you can use right now. Excessive Downloads, or downloading more than you can consume in a few days period, will get you banned.
  • You must seed your downloads as long as you can. How can you expect others to seed other torrents when you’re not willing to do so for them?

Paid Membership:
If you wish to pay for the service, it’s $10/month.

  • You still need to follow the Rules.
  • If interested, post below that you’d like to join the paid membership.

Free Premium Membership, Apply After fully agreeing on the following:

  • You’re getting the membership as a reward on your Help, contribution and continuous support to the community.
  • Same privileges as the paid.
  • Renewed monthly according to contribution.

Help the Community and Its Members to keep your Premium Membership:

  1. Follow the Rules Carefully.
  2. Help fellow members with their problems, questions, complaints, requests… Help if you’d like others to help.
  3. Share Useful and new materials that could benefit others.
  4. Keep the site clean and encourage positive attitude and don’t be judgmental nor you should encourage destructive opinions.
  5. Give. Give. Give. in all possible ways you can think of. (You’ll get a lot in return by being part of community that gives.)
  6. Request or Suggest materials you think might be useful (Create a Request from the Request Tab At the top Nav baror open a topic to suggest a Group Buy).
  7. Download what you need and what you can consume at the time of download. Do Seed All your downloads. Don’t Stop your torrents or you’ll find a torrent that you need but without seeders. Help to get others’ help.



Hi Patriot ,
Thanks for the opportunity to become a premium member once again . Agree to follow the rules . Kindly do the needful and grant me the same .

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Hi Patriot,

I would like to become a Premium Member on OSE once again. I understand and agree to the rules. I would like to see if I make the grade as a Free Premium Mermber in the first instance. Thank you for this opportunity and stay safe! I’m MrOctagon on OSE too. Best wishes!

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Hello Patriot. I can help with promotion in Turkey as I have a great network there. I can share proof of my contribution when asked. My OSE username is jormungandr. I’d appreciate if you can grant me the status.

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To be fair, I’ve haven’t been a good boy. I didn’t downloaded much, but I lacked contributing more. Now, seeing how learning it’s being important to me, specially during this crisis, I want to rectify this.
I’d like to be considered to join the free Premium membership again.
Thanks for all the work, Patriot.

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I’d like to be a paid member, please.

I would like a free membership, i have quite a bit to contribute

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I saw the previous offer about it but I decided not to get involved back then as I had no time to research the courses. Would love to try it now if possible.


edit: I see that I can buy a premium. I will buy instead so I can support however… I can’t find how I can do that. I already have a user in probation period. Thanks

I’d like to be a paid member please!

how can i become a premium member?

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Hello Patriot,

though I’ve been a Premium member for a long time I haven’t been active these last few months and seem to have lost that status recently. Please sign me up again.
Thank you.

Kind regards

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I’d like to be a paid member, please.

I’d like to be a Premium member. I believe I can contribute to this group and benefit from it.

How do I go about applying for the Premier membership?


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I’d like to be a Premium member. I can contribute to this group and hopefully others can benefit from it.

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I would like to be a premium member please
I quit smoking over a yr ago cold turkey so I like to put my 10.00 into an online education instead of killing my lungs

I too am interested. Will follow guidelines.

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Hi, i would like to join as paid member. Pls advise how to do so.

I would like to join as a paid member. Please advise

I would like the opportunity to join as a paid member, please

What’s your OSE username please?