[Q&A] Most asked questions (Ask yours here)

So @Patriot has a lot on his plate so I am going to put up this thread to help new & old members find their way. I am in no way part of the staff, although I aspire to become part of it.
I will do my best of answering every question to the best of my knowledge.
The idea is to get some load off of @Patriot so that he can focus only on the special questions and the GBs!
Additionally new members can be pointed to this thread so that we all do not have to answer the same questions over and over. I will collect all the questions and format them neatly in this post.
My idea was to also get these questions into the upcoming FAQ section that will be recreated once most of the fuzz has been sorted.

Ask ahead my fellow members!


Q: What is this community?
A: GroupInsiders, often refered to by members as GI, is a community of people interested into learning and growing. Unfortunately, a lot of us do not have the money to buy many of the top of the line courses out there. That is why we team up here and buy them together. We do this by opening group buys (= GB). You are welcome to join us!

Q: How does the group buy process work?
A: Good of you to ask! You can find details in this post. Have fun!

Q: Where can I find a template to create a GB discussion thread?
A: Check this out!

Q: Where can I check the status of a GB?
A: Check this out!

Q: How do I know the min # of seats & estimated seat price when creating a GB discussion?
A: The min amount of seats is a rough estimate. Take the price of the course and divide it by a number of participants that makes the price per seat appealing and realistic. For example for a 1000$ course, it would be sensible to have at least 40 seats so that the price is 25$ per seat.

Q: When creating a thread, I am asked to provide a category. What should I choose?
A: At the moment we have no categories as we are still moving from the old forums. Choose “Uncategorized”.

Q: When creating a GB discussion thread, do I have to be the person that buys the course?
A: Nobody knows who the buyer is except the buyer himself and the GI staff. You put up the GB discussion thread and then you can try to entice people to join it. The buyer will be organized by the staff, so you do not need to worry about that.

Q: The product I am interested in appears to be web videos with no download option. How will this work as a GB?
A: After the buyer has bought the product, he will proceed to download the videos using special techniques such as Download Addons, finding URLs or in the worst case using screen casting.
Overall do not worry about this as the staff & buyer will take care of it.

Q: Why are the Mindvalley courses (Habit of Ferocity ; Lifebook, Visioning) being deliverted as separate courses? They are included in the Mindvalley All Access GB after all.
A: Mindvalley decided to do this All Access Pass about 2 weeks after we completed these two GBs. That is why we have a new GB for the All Access Pass.
It also means we need to fund the entire price for the All Access Pass in order to get it and we therefore cannot transfer funds in some way.


Two questions:

  1. Why is OSE down at the moment?

  2. The Altutcher Alliance: TAALM Buyer stopped providing the service that we all paid for. We feel awful paying him and not getting a service. We could set up another GB for this product, organized by a more reliable buyer. Why is this not being done?

Many thanks in advance!

  1. I can confirm that OSE is down. It might be due to another attack or the web server might have crashed and we need to wait for @Patriot to reboot it. Unfortunately I do not have any details on this matter. I will keep in touch with @Patriot and update this post as soon as I have new information.
  2. I do understand how you are feeling and I do agree that the buyer is to blame for not following the rules. I will forward this suggestion to @Patriot and do my best to help you.

Many thanks Hannpuch!


1- It was down and it’s now online.
2- We experience good and bad buyers with the high number of GBs we’ve been doing. It’s expected, especially with the long term commitment. We’re more inclined to do short period GBs or one time GBs rather than doing long period GBs.

Feel free to open a monthly or quarterly GB if you wish, we’ll give it a push. We’ll do our best to find a reliable buyer, but this is human nature. Nothing can be guaranteed.


Q1. Why are the Mindvalley courses (Habit of Ferocity ; Lifebook, Visioning) being deliverted as separate?

All of them are INCLUDED in Mindvalley Quest GB which is All Access.

Is there a way we can include those payments towards the Mindvalley Quest because other wise those people be paying just for one course insteal of All Access.

p.s. Im sure this can be done in a way that simply brings the cost of the Quest GB quite low but also with enough people can ensure there is a healthy margin for GI.

These 2 GBs were discussed and done before the Quest GB.

They were dealt with separately.

When a GB seat price becomes too low, we usually buy multiple copies of the same course.

If there are extra money collected but not enough to buy an extra copy, we use the money to cover other GBs shortage of money.

  • Just on a side note is the buyer who went awol are they gone from the community now or what?

Apologies, I have another one - and this can be taken off when resolved but I am quite annoyed now (it’s only temporary don’t worry :slight_smile:…but serious I am annoyed!)


If that refers to the Altucher Alliance buyer - user name “TAALM Buyer” - I believe that he was banned. However, I don’t know how easy it is to set up multiple aliases on GI as it is now or as it was before.

I have a question.
I registered for the “Ferocity Quest” and I received the payment information for it.
But now that the MindValley All-Access Pass GB has opened… must I pay for the Ferocity Quest GB or can I just pay for the All-Access Pass?

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That is a good question and a tricky situation.
Since the Ferocity Quest has already achieved its targeted number of seats you can in my opinion just skip it and pay for the All Access Pass quest. But as a reminder, I am not a part of the staff, so you better confirm this with @Patriot, but I am pretty certain he will agree with me.

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I just wanted to give you an update that the All Access Pass GB seems to have a lot of interested members, which means for us participants a low seat price. I hope that that makes the “loss” of having to pay twice a little more worth your while.

I have added a slew of new questions and answers to the first post to introduce brand new members into our community. Feel free to point people to this topic. I am also open to answer questions via private message. I will then integrate the questions and answers into the first post here.

Peace my fellow learners!

Note to @Patriot: Can be we make this topic and the GB process explanation topic sticky? So that they are shown at the top?

I’m sorry to say that I think that OSE is down again.


Sorry, I am new here. What is meant by OSE?

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OSE = OnlineSelfEducation.com
And it is up for me.

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Thanks, It is up for me too.

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OSE is down for me, hope it recovers soon!

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Yes, true. It is down for me too.

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