[Q&A] Most asked questions (Ask yours here)

Do we get the courses in downloadable form or stream?
I’m new to the community, pardon my stupidity.

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If you’re talking about OSE:
Downloadable via torrents.

If you’re talking about GBs delivered here at Groupinsiders:
downloadable Via direct Links.

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Thanks, thats all I needed.

I understand for the GBs not yet delivered and is in progress, we just wait until they get completed
Just wondering what is the normal wait time to receive the links after making the payment for a certain GB that’s already delivered before?

Is it as and when the concerned person gets time?
Is it going in a certain order, first come first serve?

How do we know that our payment has sucessfully reached and would be processed?

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There is no “normal wait time”. It depends on the course, the buyer, etc.
Everybody gets access at the same time.
Payment is usually not confirmed but I had no issues with payment at all. Follow the guidelines and you’ll be fine.

In case of a payment issue, the team is always helpful.

Thanks @Hannpuch, my question is for GBs that have been previously delivered, just need to send out the download links after payment confirmation, correct?
The concern is i have purchased Wildfit course which is already delivered but havent received the download links yet, I followed the rules and made the payment, just wondering I did something wrong.

Sorry for the late answer. If this has not yet been resolved, msg @Patriot. He will take care of it.

hi Hannpuch.
Thanks for the interest. I have already messaged @Patriot regardng, we havent received links yet.

Hey friends,

Was the website down?


When are you going to deliver

SIA - last received June. Where is July, August, September? It is one video & PDF per month

Jon Loomer - PHC next week will be 3 monthly payments taken from bank. Nothing delivered. Weeks ago said receive Jan - June as compensation for delay. Nada.

Frank Kern - Inner Circle - A month or more ago said hear shortly. Maybe it’s my english but shortly doesn’t mean months.


SIA another payment taken for October.

No reply to above after 4 days

The thread has disappeared (as usual when they don’t deliver)

No July, August, September … … No explanation

No Patriot, on the missing list for another week, pops in for a brief hour to make a couple of posts and blame others then disappears again. He may be on vacation but a brief msg ‘hey guys i’m away for a week, i’ll sort delivery on my return’ is good manners.


I do agree with you and I feel you. I wish I could do more but unfortunately I do not know what is going on behind the curtains.

Let’s hope for the best.