Ramit Sethi - Find Your Dream Job

Anyone interested?

[Dream Job]

By the way, this is the 2021 version, with more advanced material.

I have access to the checkout page:


Definitely interested!

Interested in this, thanks for posting!

Well, the 2019 version that leaked is good enough in my opinion.

I am definitely interested in the new version too!

Interested in this! Like Ramit’s stuff.

Definitely interested

Yes I will be interested in Ramit Dream job course, I had a very old versions around 7 years back. that is bit outdated. does any one has a much recent version, or 2021 version - can you please help me?
Or any other dream job course, other can point me that will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance, Kaushik

Hi Everydaybro - you mentioned there is a 2019 verison of Dream job, how do I get access to that?

Good Morning All, I see a new version of Ramit Dream job course came up today

Any one interested?

This is amazing obviously but as said this has been released before.

This is a serious consideration - but I think you all should check this out and join us

  • FYDJ will help you find Your Dream Job

  • Market Detective will help you find …
    Your Client’s Painful Job

Just go read this and make up your own mind but seriously do check it out

Market Detective - The Persuasive Page

This guy won Ramit’s only competition, was chased up to work for him and has now REVOLUTIONISED the Game.

I’m very interested. I’ve seen the content from his old versions and it’s great.

Yep, if this GB happens, I’m interested. Thanks.