Sam Ovens - Uplevel

Just wanted to get this down here as I did get the previous files and have been going through it

I think there are parts missing:

For example week 7 - none of the modules at all have any of the worksheets mentioned

There is also a mindset video from week 1

Not sure if all all other resources are there but there is a file ‘Uplevel chunks example’ - a pdf that should help ensure every module is covered

But the last download had 7 weeks of good quality videos - hardly any necessary worksheets available

Just letting you guys know as I’m aware it’s currently being worked on

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Where can I get the course from? The links Patriot messaged me with no longer work.

I agree some elements missing & the download links are down.

Any plans to get them reuploaded/additional elements added?

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Yeah Uplevel was a big GB and the worksheets are what…pdf’s??

Anyway to get uploader to deliver them?

Is the first video, “Anatomy of a Program”, from Module 3, available from any of the downloads?

@ all GB participants, check your private messages.

If you still think the files are missing, please make a list of these files (if you can) and I’ll take care of following up on this with our buyer.


Hi, I’m interested in this course or the consulting accelerator
best regards!

Hi Pat,

Definitely the worksheets but also the Group Calls, bonuses and possible others.

One worksheet that is there is on: Week 1, Module 4, ‘Mapping your MVC’ - and the worksheet is called ‘Uplevel chunks example’

This broadly mentons every module and whats included in terms of concepts.

Please get worksheets uploaded ASAP - this is important!

As a big GB please then ask buyer to go through, with a ‘fine-tooth comb’ everything else.

This is a huge course, I mean in its implications - and much appreciationa and respect to the buyer for doing this for all of us.

  • On another note before ‘waiting’ for the last 10% to be organised and uploaded fully I humbly as you to do one thing…GO THROUGH MOBULE 7 - ‘8 FIGURE MINDSET’ (need worksheets but videos are there)

It is really incredible

Best thing you can do is just deeply go through this entire module, it will prepare you for so much and I doubt many here are doing this stuff right now.

  • I got access removed from links thread - it’s wasnt Mods - accidentally clicked something*

No one is saying about not being with this community !

Yeah this is bad though …

  • initial files were totally incomplete

  • then another one was given that was more complete but missed file in the original one! (7-figure mindset module - that was in first set but as a .bin file ‘??’)

  • In current set: Week 6 has 3 modules (Facebook Gameplan, Setting Foundation, Your ad hypothesis)

That’s it - 3 modules

But the actual example given (Uplevel chunks example pdf) has EIGHT lessons … so FIVE LESSONS ARE MISSING!!

Instead of us all working out this and that is missing why not for SUCH A HIGH LEVEL COURSE - this is done PROPERLY.

Gonna try showing pictures if it lets me but serious it will really annoy you!

  • first picture is the files extracted from the NEW UPDATES - ‘Week 6’ has 3 modules

  • second picture clearly there are a FURTHER FIVE modules

We are all for this community, I been here a while and proper part of it! - so just get the course FULL, PERFECT from somewhere else if need be and just let us get it from mega or wherever.

This one guy was going on and on about this GB not being delivered and I just said - Be patient and go though Consulting Accelerator mindset module to begin.

So I just wanna see this GB done properly - I’m not here to cause discord on Discord!

But now - missing videos, missing pdfs, missing pictures, files that we don’t know where they belong, more files missing from patch up files… and we are still reliant to get the Coaching Calls as well! :astonished:

I’ve added you back and we’re currently looking into this issue.

Thanks for taking the time to write these details.


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Hi Uplevel GBs,

I’m here to help! This Sam Oven’s Uplevel course is shared what seems to me to be like everywhere online now.

Can anyone detail exactly what is missing in this Sam Oven’s Uplevel course?

If a participant of this GB can very, very specific detail exactly what is missing, I can get it from another source.

I can’t figure this out just by screenshots and unclear details of what’s exactly missing.

I need clarity to help!

If you can respond clearly with a very specific detail of what is missing, I have the time to find it.

*Can someone help by actually taking the time to write out specifically what is missing in a clear way?

That is… A number list with the exact modules where the items(files, PDFs, Worksheets, coaching calls) that are missing are found.

Again, I can’t help if you just give me screenshots, but I can help you if you take the time to write out what is actually missing so I can search to find it.

I just need someone to be specific in what is missing.

Once again, I’m here to help!

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hi Derek

Any chance of me getting this course? I cant see it shared anywhere online …

have this course but still missing the week 9, look for entire seller and can’t find the module 9.

i can share this course if anyone want it…

We have it mostly but there is some missing, hopefully get update soon

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  • In current set: Week 6 has 3 modules (Facebook Gameplan, Setting Foundation, Your ad hypothesis) That’s it - 3 modules

TODAY: Actually Week 8 also has a missing link

IS this gonna get sorted is the question now, seriously though such a great amazing course and like over a year to even get it straight

This course is built one module on top of another serious this means 40% of this course Cannot be completed!

What’s gonna be the final thing with this???

But the actual example given (Uplevel chunks example pdf) has EIGHT lessons … so FIVE LESSONS ARE MISSING!!

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