Share your mindvalley cours expiriences

As I am waiting for the all access to go through I have spend my time reading some reviews on some of the courses. After reading so many I have mixed feeling because the most stricking one was that they are not worth their prices. On the other hand there are so many praises who bought the course. So not sure if its worth it or not when I have them to go through all courses.
I am sure some of you guys have allready gone through some of the mindvalley courses. What is your expirience with it?
Did anything change in your life, what benefit have you expirenced?

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I have good expirience.
what kind of Business do you have?

No business, just curious about how much what they offer can benefit my life.
Will I be able to change my self to stop procrastination? etc.
I really have high hopes to breakthrough especially the course: “Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance”. and from expirience I can say in mostly most cases only one or two protucts from the same company is good and the rest are just some kind of franchise fillers.
The bottom line is I want to know whats good and what I can toss away to safe myself the time to watch it.

I didn’t go through all the courses. I’m taking two simultaneously at the moment: Lifebook & The Longevity quest. I’m having a great experience with both and I recommend you Lifebook as a core course since it puts your general life and decisions in perspective, and acts as a blueprint. Lifebook divides your life into 12 categories, being your health and fitness one of them. Since it’s one of my personal priorities, I decided to take the Longevity Quest at the same time. I wouldn’t recommend this one if it’s not a priority for you at the moment.

I can’t give you an opinion about the Hypnotherapy course, but if you are looking for an effortless magic pill, I think you are gonna be disappointed. These are tools to change your mindset and take control of your thinking. It’s for people willing to put some work to own their lives. Mindvalley has high quality courses. If any of them didn’t work for you, ask yourself if you really commited to it.

LifeBook shows you how important are small, insignificant and easy decisions the ones that make a difference in your life. (The big ones are important but there aren’t that many). This quote shared in one of the videos helped to change my mindset to stop cheating myself: “Every decision you make, is not a decision about what to do, it’s a decision about who you are.”

Hope it helps

Thank your for sharing your expierence with the courses you are taking. I do think I am commited but I have a really weak mindset, in all my life I have the bad habbit to give up early when it gets tiring and that have bitten me in the ass so hard in life but I wasnt really able to change myself on my own. So I am hoping to lift this barrier in my mind through hypnotherapy to get free of all the negative shackles to be able to move on.
Lifebook seems reasonable to go as next course for me to take. thx again for the insight.

You have told us " I have a really weak mindset, in all my life I have the bad habbit to give up" in that scenario, neither Lifebook or the Abundance program are good for you at the moment. You need to start and focus only in “Uncompromised Life” till the end of the program. You need to build solid fundations to be able to apply bigger changes (or learnings) in your life.

k, thanks for the help. will try that.

watched the introduction, it seems like the older version of the newer overhaul RTT Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance same tutor and in both RTT seems to be the focus. is it the same?

Axex - it would appear like you’re looking for the easy way out with hypnotherapy - there isn’t. It might be best to find a drill sargeant to get your comittment going, or alternatively, a buddy who will not let you rest on your laurels.

It depends on the common sense how we interpret and commit ourselves to these courses. To me, they help us and can contribute provided we stick to one and carry forward the instructions to our best ability. These courses are useless - if we think they have some magic with them. They don’t. They have a good frame and they help us only when our appropriate energy and time meets with them…

Good Luck Buddy…

no ez way man, just at some point where you need external help. for example how many alcoholic manage to get try on their own or some ultra depressed on the edge of suicide to get normal without the help of some docs/therapist? and how many successed with help? so what do 99% of the expert say? they say get yoruself help! you know the easy way would be just to end it or stay the same and do nothing. not everyone is strong enough to manage on their own, maybe you do, some others dont. of course you need the will yourself, what I do but also I do know I need external help to make this a success. and I need something that starts working now as first aid and not something that works after a couple months. Its like telling a outbleeding guy to just wait a month and the body will heal it self till then, from expierence I know that people with deep flesh wound would bleed out between couble of minutes and a hour. so pls dont judge people that need instant help. everyone got their situations, some less some worse.

I don’t think you are being judged. We can all relate to those feelings and the urge for instant solutions.

What Pub_Mutt suggested is valid. To look for someone you know you can share what you are doing to improve and to keep you accountable. Sharing your commitment puts you on the spot and helps you walk straight.

Start with a small commitment. I’d take the “Uncompromised Life” course since it seems aligned to what you are looking for, and commit to doing it consciously every day. If you don’t mind, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about the course once you finish it :slight_smile:

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Good Luck axex…Relax and do your stuff. Would like to hear your understanding once you get to the last lesson. All the best !!

In no way I’m disrespecting you axex. We’re all here to help and I know where you’re coming from because I have issues that mirror yours from the past. With an accountability buddy it does help, but better yet be the accountability buddy to someone else because it will require you to step up your game and we learn more from it.


so its been a while, i have been through superbrain and rapit transformation therapy quest.

At first I started with unlimited Abundance and Uncompromised Life but the production Value was so bad that I stopped. And the content are mostly covered in RTT.

if people would buy this course for the full price i would say it was not worth it. but if you could get it for less then 20$ I think its ok. the things he teaches, you can get it for free on youtube or memorising technique books. what makes the basic he teaches stands out from the free stuff is, that he really goes into details in examples so you really get it to the core.

as for this course I thinks it does work somehow relieve your mind from the heavy stress that you carry with you. would say this course is worth 90$.