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GB buyer update:

Cool, thanks for this! :slight_smile:

When you update the content on the 5th, could you go back through and update the older PDFs too?

Lots of them are missing images/video links etc.



yes please update!

***** Also please include the ‘Comments’ section below each Lesson - they are an absolute goldmine and vital to gaining a practical understanding of the lesson.

Also thanks for doing this GB! :smile: :pray:


Happy Friday.

We’ve been busy working on ‘Project X’ and Validate, Part I and, until about 30 minutes ago (no joke!), we had planned to publish Validate, Part I this morning.

However, during our Friday morning check-in conversation, we both realized that module is incomplete.

We’ll finish Validate, Part I and publish it to the Academy next week, along with an update on ‘Project X’.

While writing Validate, Part I we realized that the transition between Discover and Validate isn’t a clear line…

There’s overlap between the two, and we tried to capture how best to navigate that fuzziness in the latest module.

Once you’ve read it, please ask questions in the comments.

We recently listened to Tim Ferriss interview world-record powerlifter Stefi Cohen. Her definitions of passion, skill, and talent were interesting and useful to think about in the context of your work with TDB.

  • Passion: “…something that you’re interested in.”
  • Skill: “…something that you can work at, that you see progress when you practice it.”
  • Talent: “…an inherent ability … something that you can’t really teach.”

We’re inclined to think about passion, skill, and talent interacting as a system. It’s possible, for example, that passion is an emergent property of that system — we tend to become very interested in activities where we excel (and it helps when our talents amplify those skills).

When you’re creating your Venn diagram where your interests, skills, and expertise overlap to create value in service to an audience, think about Cohen’s definitions and how each element interacts with others.

  • Where can you leverage your innate talents to make skill acquisition and improvement faster?
  • How does passion emerge from the intersection of your interests, talents, and skills?

This also reminded us of Seth’s contribution to this discussion in a post from 2019: Work before passion. It’s a short read, and it’s worth savoring every word of the counterintuitive wisdom.

“Offer me a chance to contribute, and I’ll work hard on it, with focus, and once I begin to make progress, I’ll become passionate about it.”

You’ve done a lot of this work already in the Discover process — use these ideas to further sharpen what you’ve already done (or to enhance your thinking if you haven’t started already).

We’ll be publishing more ‘Project X’ content for next week. We have narrowed down our initial research to an MVA and an idea to validate!

More about that next week…

André & Shawn

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This is the update shared by the author in the email. Delay on the module again :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know! Their content is fantastic, but implementation leaves a lot to be desired… I have 4 courses from them now which are all incomplete :sweat_smile:

Could you elaborate on that please - about the implementation leaving ‘a lot to be desired’…an how the 4 courses are ‘incomplete’???


The traffic engine, sphere of influence, the durable business and auto responder madness 4 are all missing materials (some only a little, some a LOT). The durable business has 1 out of 4 modules so far for example…

It’s nothing to do with group insiders, it’s that the author sells courses and then writes them after. And he keeps releasing courses without finishing other ones…

I’m sure he will finish them eventually - but it’s a bit frustrating when you’re waiting months to progress in a course. I can understand it with 1 course. But he’s announced even more courses, without finishing existing ones.

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Damn! that’s not good :neutral_face:

The content is fantastic but honestly a missing lesson really screws with progression then you can’t really internalise lessons - in fact comments are extremely useful for understanding lessons when they are complete so incomplete lessons really damage the whole course.

So what lessons are missing from these courses that you’ve manage to uncover???

I have ‘felt through’ SOI quite a bit bit starting from scratch its: Discover from TDB which is enhanced Audience & Offer Masterclass then TTE (Tiny Traffic Engine).


Do you have any advice on finding your ‘POP’ - Pocket of People

Like HOW can I go about looking for ‘My Audience’ … I have looked into what I’m into and all that but I mean some ‘tactical routines’ I can employ that assist in the investigation and discovery of a group of people whom I can listen to and interact with thereby uncovering a problem I am suited to solve.

Would really appreciate anything you could suggest here :pray:

Thank you

Well, personally similar to how Andre’s teaching in the course. I have had my own experience of Discovery from books such as Designing Your Life by Bill & Evan Designing Your Work life By Bill & Evan. I recommend you go through both the books.

Incase, you want epub files let me know and I will share with you.

It really goes deep dive into discovering yourself and whats best in terms of your progression in your career which I feel goes side by side with Andre’s teachings.

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I don’t know if that reply was meant for me??

I looked at these books and the comments summaries etc. I think these books are good but similar to many many others. Yes please upload but what do they have to do with Andre though?

His expertise is straight marketing systems, and this prescribes 'mindsets; you need to have in a workplace. Seems Andre teaches the best approach for an entrepreneur and this is for the mindsets a person progressing in a career should have like you said. Knowing yourself so you can get your ideal job etc.

Also can I ask about the Deep Dive though because if it actually does then thats worth it…but I’ve got through Enneagram and other tests, the books I read, tv, q’s to friends about me, all Sam Ovens self exploration, and loads of personality, self reflections meditation, what I think about all day, common themes… what I meant is - was that a general recommendation of’ read their book and their second one as well’ - 500+ pages because they are really covering things and depth like no other books.

Thanks for the suggestion if you were answering me but didn’t get the link between these books, Andres teaching and my query.

“Do you have any advice on finding your ‘POP’ - Pocket of People…Like HOW can I go about looking for My Audience” - do the books help with this stuff at all??

An has this been upated now?

@Makaveli Nothing as yet. I got an update email from Andre in regards to The Traffic Engine though.

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There is also “Part III” of Discovery that goes into getting Audience members to receive more nuanced feedback respond - the complete the research part thoroughly

This is stated in the last sentence of Discover, Part II: Research and Immersion just before Action Items

This is actually Andre’s response a couple weeks ago now for a comment:

André Chaperon MODERATOR
0 points · 3 days ago
"Layering on demographics can make it a little challenging sometimes to be that fly on the wall. In Part III, we’ll cover how to “call out” specific groups of people and then get to talk to them. It’s just another layer of the process"

Also please add whenever you can perhaps after the next section - an updated COMMENTS SECTION!so valuable

So even this current Discover section is incomplete - Discover: Parts I and Part II…but not Part III

…and over 2 weeks ago on here we heard:

"Happy Friday.

We’ve been busy working on ‘Project X’ and Validate, Part I and, until about 30 minutes ago (no joke!), we had planned to publish Validate, Part I this morning."

Validate, Part I was just about to be published 2 weeks ago - but the final section of the one Prior still hasn’t been uploaded…Please clarify this for us lol!!!

I have updated the whole course with all included audios and a video plus updated all PDFs so you can get access to latest comments made in the comment section on all pages.

I will do weekly update on the entire section now onwards on a weekly basis so all of you can see the comments section updated from time to time for each section. :slight_smile:

Up Next: Project X update and Validate, Part III.

Will upload once released very soon.

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Thank you :pray:

But there doesn’t seem to be any up date AT ALL!!!

In fact if we download what is there from download links - it is LESS than before as the audio TBD masterclass is not part of it.

GBuyer “I have updated the whole course with all included audios and a video plus updated all PDFs so you can get access to latest comments made in the comment section on all pages.”

(A) The audios are same as before and can’t be updated

(B) The video - 4b. Value Proposition Design Overview (TTE) - was there before so that’s the same

© The pdf’s are the same number of pages and ends at the exact same comment - the same as they were weeks ago!

Doesn’t seem like anything has been updated at all

So if there has been any kind of update how do we access it? should we ‘re-download’ from the first Links and ‘replace’ what we have? I don’t know whats happening when after weeks we hear of an update and there doesn’t seem to be anything there

Glancing at it in MEGA seems to be the same content originally.

So Part III mentioned by Andre is Validate Part III … not Discover Part III ?

Thanks again

Go in the main course section. There you will find the latest updates in the course.

Validate Part 2 is the latest. As well as Discovery all three parts are released and shared in the same folder.

There is main course with 8 files in there - (* attached picture*) - cannot see Validate III or any update.

Then there is a another TLC folder with 3 other subfolders in there

I redownloaded it all again and it’s the same

I’m using the main GB links, so what I am I doing wrong?

P.S. Don’t share this link openly with all participants who have not paid for the GB

P.P.S. No, the link with update on Mega.nz was different. Shared the link with @Patriot