[Template] GB Discussion

So I have taken the liberty to define a template for creating a GB Discussion.

All strings between these brackets <> are to be filled out by you.

[Discuss GB] <Name of the Course>


<Description, can be your own>


Sales page: <link>

Price: <price>
Min. number of seats: <min number of seats>
Estimated seat price: <seat price>

Please add your name to the list below to show that you are interested in joining this GB.
Please use the following list style as it is easiest to copy for the next person:
1 - Name 1
2 - Name 2
3 - Name 3
4 - ...

A couple of guidelines to stick to:

  1. Do not overdo it on the images, I made this mistake myself and it tends to look cluttered and ugly.
  2. Keep it simple, bullet lists with features are best
  3. Please refrain from begging to speed things up, as long as we do not have enough interested people, we will not have the buying power to start the GB. After all the money comes from those who decide to participate.

In case someone has anything to add, simply post below and I will update this post.