Todd Herman - PerformanceCON 2019 Recordings |

And The ONLY Event To Focus On The Three Pillars Of Your Success: Mindset, Strategy & Systems

PerformanceCon was designed to encompass the entire world of you, the entrepreneur.

What do I mean?

Well, whether I’m advising an 8-figure business owner, or I’m talking to someone that’s getting traction into the 6-figure realm, there are three distinct themes of the questions being asked or problems being faced.

Mindset & Leadership

The greatest obstacle to growing a business, this is an internal obstacle. No business can grow beyond the internal limitations of the entrepreneur leading the business. We will ALWAYS be the biggest roadblock on our path to building businesses and lives we enjoy and feel excited about.

Business Strategy & Tactics

The next challenge is finding the right ways to grow our business, the right structure of our business so we can increase the profits and avoid exhaustion, and finding small micro-tweaks that can make a big difference.

Systems & Execution

The final challenge is showing up to our chosen field with a plan and a system to execute and take action, so we maximize our time, stay focused and get the right things completed without all the wasted money, time, & energy that a good chunk of most businesses are faced with.

Price : $200