Ultimate Motion Adventure

online masterclasses from world’s best motion designers and artists.
this course is for animators, filmmakers, & 2d and 3d artists. they offer the full bundle of their courses.
sales page: https://motiondesign.school/collections/courses

price: $1,477.00 (https://motiondesign.school/products/ultimate-motion-adventure)
seat price: $20-$25

Here you can find all the online courses from best authors around the world8c132153031423c4d117c6b99de6752b

  1. Science of Character Animation
  2. Fundamentals on After Effects
  3. Cinema 4D Journey
  4. Motion Beast
  5. Hand Drawn FX in Toon Boom
  6. Expressions trip
  7. Sound Design for Animation
  8. Fundamentals on Toon Boom
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hi can i get pass send me payment details